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"Developed by VRtainment, CapturePad is an application that does a simple job: it captures whatever is being displayed on the scre Say you are chatting with someone online � turn on CapturePad and it will record your activity. Say you are watching an online video � turn on CapturePad and it will record what�s on your monitor.

Furthermore CapturePad works with any video hardware that�s attached to your computer � like a webcam, or a TV tuner for example. This means it can grab and save a video from your webcam or TV tuner.

CapturePad offers several capture methods:
- Capture to AVI � whatever CapturePad records is stored as an AVI file which can be easily played with any media player.
- Capture to SWF � whatever CapturePad records is stored as a Flash SWF file.
- Capture to JPEG � CapturePad will take screenshots at specific intervals of time
- Capture to clipboard

Speaking of capturing, you can capture the whole screen, a specific area of the screen, or a specific window. You can capture from the screen, or from another video source � like previously mentioned, from a TV tuner or a webcam.

Besides its screen capture functionality, there are other things to like about CapturePad. First up you will like that getting the app off the web and onto your computer will only take a while � after all, the download weighs in at some 3.5MB. Then you will like that installing the app on your Windows-powered machine is a simple, rapid process. Once CapturePad is up and ready to run, you will like that the application is incredibly easy to use. The interface is very well thought out and should not pose a problem even to the novice computer user. Furthermore is it slick and attractive � which are nice things.
CapturePad is a nice looking, easy to use application that wonderfully caters to your screen capture needs.
  • Capture to AVI, SWF, JPEG or to clipboard
  • Capture the whole screen, a specific area of the screen, or a specific window
  • Capture from other devices to connected to your computer
  • Easy to use
  • Nice interface
  • Free to use only during the 30-day trial period. There�s a freeware CapturePad version, but it isn�t as good as the shareware version.

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